Vox Clara

A clear, resonant voice

A clear, resonant voice


Here are some examples of my workshops and interactive lectures. If you would like to attend or host a workshop, please get in touch via the Contact page.

Estill Voice Training

As a qualified Estill Master Trainer (EMT) I can introduce you to EVT, help you hone your skills in a practice group or weekend workshop and apply them in your singing and teaching. Different formats available.

The human voice – your “footprint” in sound

It’s said that the voice is the mirror of the soul. Every one of us does indeed sound unique, although we share the same physiological “tools”. The human voice is extremely versatile and can create a wide variety of sounds. Ever wondered why this is? Come join me on a voyage of vocal discovery!

„Sprichst du noch oder singst du schon?

Challenges of the English language for German speaking singers. An interactive lecture with a teaching demonstration.

Multi-genre voice work

Vocal characteristics of different singing styles, an overview of current training models and methods, sample exercises, audio excerpts and teaching demonstrations.